dimanche 4 septembre 2011

Heyl, describe (1)

I'm a Flyaris. I was born in coupling of Sky and Earth. For that you understand better, I'll try to describe me ( for me, it's a tedious exercise, as for language to describe it-self ).
For starting, I'm blond with brown eyes. I'm tall, two meters thirty seven, like every mâle Flyaris. Female measure two meters thirty six centimeters and three millimeters. I think you understand that I'm not Human even if I looks like them.
I aslo looks like cats. Like them, I'm graceful and have an infallible sense of balance. I have a tail. It's not useful, but hairs aren't too. I have fangs. Canines of course, but fangs too, after. I also can cough up, like cats, but it's really not useful. Between us, it's hurt the throat. For cats that's a defense but nobody offense Flyaris, never. Except Humans. I don't understand human. They say that they were here before us. I'm agreed but we're here now and we don't interfer with their stories. We never enter in their village, we don't tuch their breeding because we're vegetarian ( chef's daughter said herbivorous, for it's the same ) and we have our kitchen garden, so their field, they are ignored.
I think they are afraid by us, the human. Chef's daughter said they consider all the planet like their. As if someone can possess a planet. Anyway, they are afraid by us because we're not like them. I don't just talk about tail and all, they accept Centaurus ( maybe it's because they're good doctors ). I talk about wings. They serve just to jump. They're not there also. Finally, yes. They're not always visible. That's like if, closed, they don't reflect light. They're like butterfly wings. They've the same way to close. They're to small for us, purple and translucent, and measure one meter ( I've said that they're small ).

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