mercredi 31 août 2011


On North Est there is a continent that looks like a perfect hexagon. It was named Element's Continent. That's where Princess were born. When my story ended Princess have to run away and take refuge in this continent. For that kings don't touch them or people who were living here, they raised tectonic plate on which the continent was. Just a ship could access on it but Princess had destroyed all plan and take with them every technician and aeronautical scientist. So, life return to normal on both continents but their separate ways.
Now, back to return for look at the second continent. South West, it form is between Chile and crescent moon. It's largest than Chile but not really like a crescent moon. Hard to describe. The most will be that I post a map sooner I can. That's the continent of kings and Human. There is no equality there. Conscient races were either depleted or used for Human profit. Later, a legend say that looking for Moon, Princess will come back on this continent to retake the autorities was gave to them and torned. With them, people will reborn and Moon will can stop wathing greed Human who live in this territories. This place was named Moon's Continent, in my linguage, we said Yueli.
For ending, I'll talking about Island. On Qodar, there are not many in comparaison of your world. Most are around Yueli, Element's Continent haven'it. In the rest, there is no island in my world... Finally, yes, but nobody talk about it. Never. They have a bad reputation. So, there are, in the center of the map, a group of island, six to eight, it's depending of years. In there land and their waters around, there is no life at all.  Those who goes in doesn't risk anything but islands are marked by sordid past of Human. One of this is only witness of past, because just stay on it are stay up buildings of glory and cupidity of research and science. All this earth are dark and sky overhead is never clear. We said it still drags in this island the soul of the greatest and more terrifying King of this world. We also say that is trying to get the last thing he couldn't have. Nobody knows what it is, at least, I hope but I had the misfortune to go there and I'm happy to never go back.

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