mardi 18 janvier 2011


  Hello, I'm Lonaria, I do the traduction for Heyl.

  My name is Heyllender Heldoran's son, or, simply, Heyl. I was born a long time ago, before your great grandparents and I wasn't born on the Earth. I come from a planet called Qodar and I was born 2 100 years ago.
  You should know that my world was very advanced, maybe too much. This world die and nobody could do anything. Four young women were given powers for saved it. From  there life resumed with a vengeance. Breeds extinct have reappeared  and other were born. Plants, animals, but as conscious beings endowed with speech and intelligence. I'm part of them.
  This blog will look like this; twice a month, I would put an article. This article will focus on different subject, but it will always question what is happening in Qodar. There will be a color system that will indicate what the text speaks. Red texts describe races or characters living in my world, green texts are about geographie, and, finally, the Black is for the note I wrotte during our migration.
  Any comments are good to take, don't be shy, I read it with pleasure. I wish you good reading!

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